Auto Depot Recreation Group

Convenient and Afforable Rentals

We want to be the place you call when you need to rent something that other companies just don’t have.

Our rentals include:

  • Sea-Doos
  • Open-closed trailers
  • Travel trailers
  • Generators
  • Pressure washers

…and we are expanding our available rentals everyday!

Weekday Seadoo Rentals

$250/weekend day & $200/weekday

or Rent TWO Seadoos and save:

$450/weekend day & $350/weekday

Take advantage of our all-day rental deals!

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Who is Auto Depot Recreation Group?

Sudbury's #1 Recreational Rental Supplier

Auto Depot Recreation Group prides ourselves on renting things to you that other companies just don’t. Need a sea-doo, open-enclosed trailer, travel trailer or generator? We have the rentals you need today! Our passion is rentals, and we strive to make sure you get the best experience for your time and money.

Auto Depot Recreation Group was created by Auto Depot Sudbury. We have been awarded Sudbury Star’s Reader Choice Awards thirteen times – and our staff make it their passion to maintain that level of quality.

Hear All About Our Rentals

Our selection of rentals covers everything from watersports to camping. You can rent for an entire week or only a few days, and we’ll be there to help you find the perfect gear for your adventure. Create memories that will last forever – on the water, on the beach or at the lodge. Your perfect outdoors experience starts here with us!


If going fast is your style, we have the 90 HP Seadoo Spark 3UP, and the Seadoo Spark Trixx 3UP, Don`t worry about the transport trailer, you just have to attach it to your truck and drive to the lake! Take the jetski for the day or a week, and use it as much as you want. Handling is easy to get used to, and our stock is ready for a first-time rider or Seadoo aficionado. If you are you looking for a family ride try the 90 HP Seadoo Spark 3UP.

Power Generators

Hook your gear up to one of our many power generators and keep the good times going!

Travel Trailers

Pick the Starcraft AR One to really make your camping trip effortless and comfortable. Once you leave the lot, the trailer can be pulled anywhere you need to go! Travelling light is also possible, when you rent the compact Launch Mini and fit into those spaces that most other trailers can’t. Storage, camping or fun, all travel ideas should start here! We also larger trailers including our 32 ft Autumn Ridge which includes sleeping room for 8!

Open and Enclosed Trailers

Make your life easier with our open trailers and move faster. Power brakes and open backs CNA fit into tight spaces, and hills are no problem when driving on small streets. When you don`t have a trailer we can help, and convenience is our promise with every rental!

Ask us about our long term rentals!

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Start Your Rental Adventure Today!

We make renting as easy as possible for you. That way, you can focus on the important things – enjoying your time outside with your friends & family, and having loads of fun!

Let us help you create the perfect outdoors experience. All of our rentals are available to be picked up at our store on Falconbridge Road. Take advantage of our great selection and hot deals next time you’re planning an adventure outdoors – we guarantee you’ll have a great time!

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Ask us about our long term rentals!

Product Gallery

Check out some of the products we have available for rental:

Advantage Trailers Flatbed Trailer

8×16 ft

Cargo Express Ex Series

6×14 ft


Cargo Express

5×8 ft


Cargo Express EX Series Deluxe Car Hauler

8.5×20 ft


Easy Clean Pressure Washer

4000 PSI


Champion Generator

11250 watt


Advantage Flatbed Trailer

8 x 16


Dump Trailer

8 x 16

* Please note: You will need a 2 and 5/16″ ball tow.


Starcraft Mini Launch

15 feet


Embrace Ultralight by Sun Cruiser

25 feet


Springdale by Keystone

28 feet


Starcraft AR One

15 feet